Climate Change

Global cooperation, bold thinking, and disruptive solutions are required if the world is to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2050. Countries must share best practices in policy, innovators must get a chance at funding, and businesses and world leaders must keep their pledges (and make new ones). Throughout all of this, the needs of the world’s poorest must be brought to the forefront – those grappling with the dramatic effects of climate change right now. Effective, smart communications is essential. Climate change is the nexus of many of the issues we work on at Newton Street, including agriculture, health innovation, and women’s empowerment. We know the landscape and how to make an urgent case.

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Liberal democracy is under threat in virtually every corner of the world. The alarming rise of autocracy is threatening peace, the rights of populations who are marginalized, and global progress in all areas of human flourishing. We believe that the ends never justify the means, and we seek to leverage the voices of those who’ve served on the frontlines of protecting democracy.

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Economic Opportunity

The pandemic halted decades of global progress in reducing poverty.  Those least able to weather setbacks suffered the most. At the same time, there have been glimmers of hope. More than one billion people in the poorest countries accessed digital cash transfers through their mobile phones, and the societal acceptance of remote work opened up new opportunities for many. At Newton Street, we have a deep understanding of these trends, as well as experience with what it takes to create opportunity for those who have been denied access to it.

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Health Equity

All told, we have spent decades at the intersection of public, private, and governmental efforts to address health inequities in areas such as childhood vaccines, maternal health, and malaria. While the pandemic exacerbated difficulties accessing healthcare globally, exemplars have emerged – countries leapfrogging others by harnessing new technologies such as telemedicine, or rolling out vaccines efficiently despite the daunting challenges. We believe the world must exchange lessons learned to better prepare for future crises.

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The field of philanthropy has shifted dramatically in the last ten years. Not only is there more wealth than ever being put toward charitable causes, but philanthropists are gaining a greater understanding of systemic inequities and are seeking to change past practices through expanded power sharing, decision making, and community engagement. We help family offices, philanthropists, and their advisors assess their place in the landscape and best tell their impact story.

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Youth Development and Education

Young people today are on the front lines of movement building from the climate emergency to racial justice, and from LGBTQIA+ and reproductive rights to mitigating gun violence. They are carrying a tremendous burden and deserve schools and systems that affirm who they are, support their healthy emotional development, and prepare them to be the leaders we need today. Newton Street understands the issues that impact young people and opportunities they need to thrive.

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