Influencer Alignment

We help you make meaningful connections with the most relevant and inspiring voices in your field or industry. In areas as diverse as global health and U.S. education, we have secured influencers to moderate national speaking opportunities, join webinars, and participate in joint events, providing a forum to share expertise and grow your audiences through strategic partnerships and collaborations.

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Media Relations

We know the media, and we bring best practices to your organization for both proactive and reactive media relations. We help you identify and tell the most captivating and complete story possible. We develop strategies to capture media attention and ensure your materials are understandable and hold up to scrutiny. We identify trends with high media interest that allow you to showcase your expertise. We do media trainings for your executives. We can also help your team manage a difficult news cycle or negative story.

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Narrative and Messaging

A powerful and authentic narrative for your organization is essential to break through in today’s crowded media environment. Whether you are speaking to employees, reporters, or your child’s kindergarten class, attention spans are short. We help you develop your story, creating a narrative framework and accompanying core messages that communicate your mission in a way that captivates your key audiences.

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Reputation and Risk Management

Effective reputation management goes far beyond monitoring social media for negative comments and rapidly issuing responses to media inquiries. We believe that reputation begins at home, with your employees. Our team can provide a complete assessment of reputational risks facing your organization, with steps to take to mitigate those risks. We can build a crisis communications protocol or identify gaps and minimize weaknesses in your existing process. We also engage on a case-by-case basis in real time to provide counsel and services during a live crisis.

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Strategic Communications Planning

We believe that strategic communications should be deeply intertwined with your organization’s mission. We can help design your annual communications plan or identify gaps in your current planning process to help you maximize impact (and your budget). We are skilled at building and motivating high-performance teams and can help fill gaps during executive-level absences. We also have expertise in creating and executing communications plans for high-level events, announcements, launches, and other critical moments in time.

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Thought Leadership

One way to build credibility and trust with your audience is to share insights, knowledge, and a clear point of view. We have expertise helping executives develop their authentic voice and positioning them to shape and lead global conversations. We offer the full suite of services for engaging in strategic thought leadership, from kindling ideas to creating the content you wish to share.

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Writing and Editing

Clear, concise, and compelling language is critical to advancing an idea or persuading others to act. Jargon is a barrier to building trust. We are adept at crafting all your writing needs – thought-provoking op-eds, blogs, speeches, case studies, white papers, video scripts, website copy – and editing materials you have already created.

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